AL-Vac Winlift



AL - Vac ® Winlift

AL-Vac®WinLift is a new-designed, ideal ”tool” for mounting of windows. AL-Vac® WinLift is an independent
unit to be mounted onto a telescopic handler and consists of the following main components:

• A CE-approved platform equipped with an AL-Vac® Minicrane powered by a 12 V battery.
Max. lifting capacity is 250 kg and working reach is 2 meters.
• The window lifter, which is suspended from the Minicrane, consists of an AL-Vac® Handyman Super
vacuum unit and an adjustable suction boom with four suction pads. Max. weight of windows is 250 kg.
• Battery and battery charger is installed into the platform. This design makes the AL-Vac® WinLift completely  independent of the telescopic handler.

AL-Vac® WinLift is equipped with acoustic and visual alarm for low vacuum pressure.
The window lifter is easily attached to the fork carriage of the telescopic handler.

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AL-Vac WinLift - Technical Specification

Lifting capacity:        
Working reach:         

Handyman Super and suction boom
Lifting capacity:          

Suction boom:
 -width, min/max:     
 -length, min./max:     
 -suction pads:        
Handyman super:
 -pump cap.:        

Total height from fork:
Height without crane:

Platform with integrated battery and battery charger

50 kg
2000 mm
12 V

250 kg

300/900 mm
400/900 mm
4 pcs. Ø300

32,5 l/min

2600 mm
1200 mm
1400 mm
2500 mm
680 kg


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